Creating value partner

글로벌 가치창조 기업

회사소개 Company overview

회사소개 Company overview

Social Responsibility

HANMI Semiconductor supports scholarship & donation to sponsoring organizations every December.

주안초등학교 세이브더칠드런 전국천사무료급식소 굿네이버스 홀트아동복지회 한국심장재단 국경없는의사회 월드비전 구세군 Children Are Us Foundation Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

Workplace environment

  • Assembly Line Work Bay

  • Logistics automation with autonomous mobile robots

  • Installation of AEDs in the workplace at the company level

Improving employee satisfaction

  • Single occupancy dorm rooms

  • The tuition aid program to support employees’ children including college grants and scholarships

  • Holidays at major resort hotels

Win-win management

  • Payment of purchase price in cash
    (Not using electronic bonds, promissory note)

  • Ethical management & fair trade system

  • No Holiday Gifts Campaign