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회사소개 Company overview

회사소개 Company overview


HANMI Semiconductor minimizes handling of
hazardous chemicals and substances, strictly manages them in accordance with the rules given in the ISO Directives, and prevents environmental and industrial accidents using the information contained in the chemical safety data sheets (MSDS).

Disaster & Safety Management

For over 40 years since its establishment, we have thoroughly complied with safety management requirements to prevent disasters or accidents.

Acquired ISO 45001 certification

We have obtained ISO 45001 certification, the international standard for occupational health and safety management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

100% recycling and reuse of treated industrial wastewater

We recycle and reuse 100% treated industrial wastewater (up to 250 tons per day) using the in-house wastewater treatment facilities.

Introduction of environmentally-friendly vehicles

We actively engage to expand the introduction of eco-friendly electric vehicles for business use and minimize the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and air pollutant emissions.

Improving energy efficiency by using LED lighting in all factories

We improve energy efficiency by upgrading our existing factory lighting to LED lighting.

Installation of a exhaust gas purification system

We minimize the emission of harmful gases from the indoor workplace by installing a exhaust gas purification system.

Increase in clean tech investment cost

About 32% of the total R&D cost is invested in clean technology.

Miniaturization of equipment

In order to realize maximum performance in a small
space, a vibration-free iron casting
(anti-vibration casting platform) method is used.

Expand RoHS Certified Products

We are expanding the application of European
Union hazardous substance restriction certified parts.

*RoHS Meaning

6 Hazardous Substances for Electronic Products
Exported to Europe It is a certification that can be
obtained when the content is below the standard value.