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HANMI Semiconductor provides USD 90,000 in donation to 11 domestic and foreign organizations
2024-01-22 548

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HANMI Semiconductor provides USD 90,000 in donation to 11 domestic and foreign organizations

HANMI Semiconductor, a semiconductor equipment company, announced on the 22nd that it provided about USD 90,000 in scholarships and donations to 11 domestic and foreign organizations from the end of last year to the beginning of this year.

Jung-young Kim (Mave Kim), vice president of HANMI Semiconductor, and others attended the recent donation ceremony of the ‘Korea heart Foundation’ and ‘Holt Children Services Inc.’

“For 27 years since 1997 to the present, we have been providing scholarships under the name of Chairman NK Kwak, founder of HANMI Semiconductor, to students at Juan Elementary School in Seo-gu, Incheon,” Vice president Jung-young Kim (Mave Kim) said. “Since 2019, we have been donating also to a total of 11 organizations including △Save the Children △Angel Volunteer △Good Neighbors △Holt Children Services Inc. △The Korea heart Foundation △Medicins sans Frontiers △World Vision △The Salvation Army △The Children Are Us Foundation in Taiwan △Taiwan Fund for Children and Families.”

“In the future, we will try to give help and hope through sharing to vulnerable groups in need, such as low-income, victimized abuse children, self-reliance preparation youth, and heart disease patients,” he said.

Vice President Jung-young Kim (Mave Kim) is leading △IR (Investor Relations) △PR (Public Relations) △Investment in HANMI Semiconductor.

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Founded in 1980, HANMI Semiconductor is a company that develops semiconductor packaging equipment and post-processing equipment and supplies them to global semiconductor companies in Korea and abroad.

Last year, they received USD 75 million order from SK Hynix for DUAL TC BONDER, which is essential process equipment for high-bandwidth memory (HBM) installed in artificial intelligence semiconductor. The ratio of exports to sales in the last 10 years has averaged more than 77%.